Franca Di Muzio

Franca Di Muzio, born in Chieti, Italy, grows up in Pescara as a precocious and omnivorous reader; she makes the most of this passion by graduating in Foreign Languages and Literature. Between 1998 and 1999 she works in the Czech Republic as a language teacher and writes a script, United Colors, selected for the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean; a decade of clandestine writing will follow.

2008 is the year of her narrative coming-out, with the short story Disabled Goggles published by the “Rivista Sagarana” and her first participation in a literary competition: her short story Defensor will be released the following year, in the anthology “Fiocco Rosa” published by Fernandel Edizioni. Also in 2009 comes out Happy Feet, in the anthology “L’Invidia – i peccati capitali” by Perrone editore.

The year after, three new short stories get some visibility: Hairquake is published on “Rivista Sagarana”, Una visita particolare (A peculiar visit) gets awarded in the “Ennio Flaiano and Mediamuseum” prize, and Alzati e Cammina (Arise and Walk) wins the Teramo prize. In 2011 her memoir Lo scopriremo solo scrivendo (We’ll find out only by writing) is selected for the Calvino prize and her tale Oblivion is finalist in the “Montesilvano Scrive” literary festival, which she will attended again in 2012 with her short story Piazza pulita (Clean Sweep). In the same year, an excerpt of her memoir is published by the magazine “Doppiozero”, while her short story Nunzio Show shows up in the anthology “L’Occasione”, by Galaad edizioni. In 2014, The Rat Race is among the stories shortlisted in the literary competition “Caratteri di donna”, and Sorvegliato Speciale (Locked Up) is published by the magazine “Abbiamo le prove”.

She makes her debut in English in 2015, when her short story Arise and Walk appears in the “Chicago Quarterly Review vol. 20 – The Italian Issue”, a special issue about Italian contemporary literature; also, her memoir Lo scopriremo solo scrivendo – l’odissea occupazionale di un’operaia della parola (We’ll find out only by writing – The employment odissey of a word worker) goes out to Panda Edizioni.

She also writes for a living: copywriter, journalist, editor, and occasionally remembers to write on her blog.

Lo scopriremo solo scrivendo – L’odissea occupazionale di un’operaia della parola out in april 2015 for Panda Edizioni.

A short story (in Italian):

 A presentation of Franca Di Muzio’s memoir “Lo scopriremo solo scrivendo – l’odissea occupazionale di un’operaia della parola” (We’ll find out only by writing – the employment odissey of a word worker)

 Eleven compelling reasons (or reasons why) that make We’ll find out only by writing a must-read, a must re-read and a must to give to friends:

1. Because it is not a manual to learn copywriting, or any other type of writing (at last!).

2. Because it tells about the highs and lows of Italian advertising, via Pescara, Bologna, Lecce, Milan, including suburbs.

3. Because it is a personal employment odyssey that speaks for a whole generation.

4. Because it suggests to never lose hope and sense of humor: a good laugh will save us.

5. Because in life you may have to face a lot of well-formatted sharks, but also the Alzheimer’s of a loved one.

6. Because, sooner or later, someone might ask you to work for a “symbolic” salary: how much is symbolic?

7. Because the love for words can’t be a sentence to be served with precariousness, broken promises, fear of the future.

8. Because it’s going to become a classic, like David Ogilvy’s Confessions of an Advertising Man.

9. Because it’s an exhilarating as well as moving reading.

10. Because whose wishing to be ‘creative’ professionals had better read it: wannabe copywriters, be warned…

11. Because Franca is a good writer: if I were the owner of a communications agency I would hire her immediately, with a contract lasting… infinitely, rather than indefinitely!

(From the Preface by Marco Fossati)