Francesco Dominedò

dominedoFrancesco Dominedò was born in Neuilly Sur Seine (Paris) in December 1965. He is a director, actor, screenwriter, and author. He began his career as an actor soon after graduating from drama school. He made his debut with Pasquale Squitieri. He took part in over 30 film and television productions with leading roles or as supporting actor. In 1999 he made ​​his directorial debut with Tinto Brass with the episode S.C.T.M.V. (Sono come tu mi vuoi) in the series Cortocircuito Erotico.  Then he directed the short film Candilla, starring the writer Isabella Santacroce, participating in numerous festivals and getting mentions and awards. Among his career highlights, in 2006, he traveled to Los Angeles to shoot Reality Killers (subject-screenplay-director), a  horror film inspired by the real-tv and snuff movies. Produced by Creative Film House for Eagle pictures. In the spring of 2007 he travels to South America with journalist Marco Dolcetta to shoot a couple of documentaries for National TV: Hitler in Argentina (45’) and L’Acqua (45’).  In dicember 2007 he directs L’Appeso (subject-screenplay-director), short film and promo for the horror-real-movie HiModify. It is been assessed at several horror movies festivals. In 2010 he wrote and directed the movie  “5”. Cinque, cast: Matteo Branciamore, Francesco Arca, Giorgia Wurth, Rolando Ravello, Emma Nitti, Massimo Bonetti, Angelo Orlando, Alessandro Tersigni, Lidia Vitale, Francesco Venditti, Antonia dell’Atte, Claudia Zanella, Raphael Amargo.
In 2011, he shot the video-clip of the song “Ride On” by Louis Siciliano. In recent years he has written several screenplays and television formats.

#porvenir #selfie #cuoremio (#porvenir #selfie #lovey), LaCase Books, 2014

An Italian on the road comedy set in the July sun, a voice coming out of a car, the same stretch of highway for many people who, unknowingly, share emotions and moments of their lives. #porvenir, the future is happening when you drive miles of road. The Lives of Others are seen between the highway and traffic jams: brief accidental contacts with other lives. Nodes intersecting at the speed of snapshots scattered in a forgotten social network. Ephemeral #selfies, polaroids tracing people and characters.
The kid Niccolò is traveling with his father and grandmother, they’re going to a First Communion ceremony. They meet a whole bunch of hilarious characters engaged in all sorts of semi-legal deeds. They all share a stop at a motorway cafè, a few miles of highway, a slice of life, dreams, emotions, fears and laughter. #porvenir is the unfocused gaze of a child on a series of lives that shoot past him, on stories somehow crossing his path. It is an unusual point of view to tell a modern tale that reinterprets and updates many ideas of the great classic Italian comedy, revealing a society of monsters, vices, virtues and feelings.