Alessandro Zoppini

Alessandro Zoppini was born on November 27, 1998, in Padua.

He has been working on comics and stories since when he learnt how to form words out of letters and his family has always encouraged him to cultivate this passion. He loves hiking and ten years as a boy scout has taught him the love and respect for nature. His interest in History and ancient military strategies made him join “Le Lame del Conte”, an Italian fencing company that organises medieval re-enactments. He is attending the first year of University in Padua, where he is studying Archaeology.  

He writes because he likes it. He may be young and inexperienced, but he sees in writing the chance of adventuring in new, unexplored worlds. Writing makes him feel like a child again and it keeps him able to see a castle waiting to be besieged where others see nothing but grass. He has written a fantasy novel and some sci-fi short stories, and he would not mind writing thrillers, but his passion is writing fiction about history. In 2016, he did some voluntary work and took part in the collective work Controstoria dell’Africa, edited by Michele Di Cintio and Valerio Nuzzo (Aracne editrice). For this book, he wrote the part called “1.Storia del Sudafrica” in the chapter L’Apartheid in Sudafrica e la figura luminosa di Nelson Mandela (part III). In 2017, he wrote two chapters for the book Controstoria dei Pellirosse nordamericani: chapter 9 (Le grandi rivolte di Tecumseh, Falco nero e Pontiac) and chapter 22 (Kiowa, Comanche e Modoc: Satanta, Quanah Parker e Captain Jack). Both times, he was praised by the authors for his memorable contribution and for his talent in combining historical research with literary pathos.