Lorenzo Mazzoni

Lorenzo Mazzoni

Lorenzo.AmsterdamLorenzo Mazzoni was born in Ferrara in 1974. He has lived in Paris, Hurghada, London, Sana’a, Istanbul. He is a novelist, a reporter and a non-fiction writer and has published several books: ; Un tango per Victor (Edicola Edicciones, 2016); Quando le chitarre facevano l’amore (Spartaco, 2015; Premio Liberi di Scrivere Award), Murder Time (meme publishers, 2014), Apologia di uomini inutili (Edizioni La Gru, 2013; Premio Liberi di Scrivere Award), Porno Bloc. Rotocalco morboso dalla Romania post post-comunista (pictures by Marco Belli; bilingual Italian/Rumenian; Lite Editions, 2012), Le bestie/Kinshasa Serenade (Momentum Edizioni, 2011) . He has created the policeman Ispettore Pietro Malatesta, hero of his thrillers (illustrated by Andrea Amaducci and published by Koi Press/Momentum Edizioni) Italiani brutta gente (2014), Termodistruzione di un koala (2013), Il cinematografo (2010/2013), Il recinto delle capre (2009/2013), Nero ferrarese (2007/2013), La tremarella (2012)  and Malatesta. Indagini di uno sbirro anarchico. La trilogia (2011; Premio Liberi di Scrivere Award) . Many of his reportages, stories and short stories appeared on “il manifesto”, “Il Reportage”, “East Journal”, “Culturalismi”, “Il reporter”, “Torno Giovedì” and on several collections. He writes for the newspaper “il Fatto Quotidiano”. He lives in Milan.

In 2015, he published with Edizioni Spartaco Quando le chitarre facevano l’amore, and the following year, with the same publishing house, he published Il muggito di Sarajevo. June 2019, he published a new book with Miraggi Edizioni: In un cielo di stelle rotte.
In juny 2020 for pessimeidee edizioni”Nero Ferrarese” is realesed.



SARAJEVO’S BELLOWING (Il muggito di Sarajevo) (Spartaco, september 2016)

Born to be under siege. This is what Amira thinks of herself. She is eighteen years old and she has a big dream – a dream that may never turn into reality because she lives in Sarajevo in 1993 and the city is being destroyed by the war between Serbians and Bosnians. The heart of the cigar-boxguitar player beats to the rhythm of mortar-blasts and machine-gun shots, but Amira sings about hope and survival. The other members of the No-Instruments Band are colonel Mustafa Setka, bass expert, and Masne, a dancer of kolo, in charge of percussion. These two follow around all day long Jack, Amira’s boyfriend and drug dealer, better known as Mozambik the Irish. Jack volunteers as a guide for the war correspondents packed into the half-destroyed Holiday Inn. It is in one of those instances that he meets Carlo and Oscar, two Italian photojournalists who are after an extraordinary scoop: amidst bombs and wreckage, they are looking for an Indian cow that is said to have divination powers. Could that be the animal that old Ivan has been hiding in the inner part of his tobacco shop – a shop that turned into an opium den right after the beginning of the conflict? After all, she is not the only guest that the merchant has been keeping away from prying eyes and ears. In a storage closet he hides a mad Serbian who, after eating too many hallucinogenic mushrooms, found himself on the wrong side of the war. Ivan’s purpose is to give him back to his fellow soldiers in exchange for a ransom. This ransom is to be asked to a strange sniper who works for the Serbian intelligence and who is able to focus only when he sings Barbra Streisand’s hits to himself. Of course, Barbra has nothing to do with Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana, a band that Amira discovered thanks to a cousin of hers: a Dutch of Bosnian origin who, since he embraced Islam while in prison, has been torn between rock music and religious faith.


WHEN GUITARS MADE LOVE (Quando le chitarre facevano l’amore) (Spartaco, april 2015)

May 2, 1945. Martin Bormann, Adolf Hitler’s aide, disappears in the streets of Berlin during the Russians’ advance. Twenty years later, informers of the CIA identify him as Martin Weisberg, quirky pacifist guru who is funding a rock band, The Love’s White Rabbits, which is close to the radical underground groups. And here begins an adventurous manhunt involving deviant parts of US and Israeli intelligence, one Italian chaser of Nazi criminals, a blind actor who is a Charles Bronson fan, a crazy Vietnam veteran. All of them are both chasing the nazi criminal while being at the same time fascinated by him. The story is set primarily in the United States, with raids in Guatemala City, Singapore, Saigon. The background is the explosive scene of the Summer of ’68, and the main character, all in all, is rock music that strings together all the different parts of the story.





THE MALATESTA SERIES, 6 books, Koi press / pessimeidee press

Liberi di scrivere Prize 2012, almost 150 reviews on Amazon, compared to Scerbanenco

A saga about Pietro Malatesta, a cop in Ferrara with a past as a thug; he cycles everywhere and shares the house with his elderly marijuana smoking mother, his ex-wife, a slacker son and his ex’s partner. Malatesta loves playing FreeCell, instant noddles and Chinese cuisine, worships Starsky & Hutch.

The events involve right-wing activists, illegal car races bettors, local muslims, models of pornographic magazines, tropical parrots, a former Red Brigades member, immigrants, suburban sex shops, municipal elections, fights, terrible Hollywood movies, anarchist Great Danes and eastern-european caretakers.

A series of brutal murders shakes this quiet town in Emilia. the local newspaper receives Disturbing messages from an alleged terrorist groups. The guardian of the Museum of Modern Art is murdered with a dose of badly cut heroin. In the back of the movie theatre CineBanana’s they found the corpse of a dwarf woman. Chief officer Malatesta, an anarchist outsider policeman, will undertake the investigation with his unorthodox methods. The stories unfold fast, in grotesque and funny and shed light on the hidden aspects of Ferrara.