Who we are

AC² is a new literary agency based in Italy, focused on representing quality fiction and non-fiction work.

Our decision to embark on agenting was motivated by the crucial developments taking place in the publishing world today. As widely known, the landscape is changing fast while the future remains unpredictable. We belong to the first generation of digital natives and aspire to make the best use of our IT skills and Web 2.0 savvy in the literary world. We have valuable experience as publishing house insiders with hands-on knowledge of publishing procedures. Our strength lies in our know-how and passion, indispensable for agenting that is effective, qualified and fruitful.

AC² was founded in the twenty-first century and well aware of the pivotal role played by pop culture in this age. Our Agency embraces the strong influence of music, cinema, contemporary art, design and IT in its vision of the world and of literature.

We strive to pitch books and authors to the best possible publishers, to the ones “best suited” in each case. We offer customized “matchmaking” between writers and publishers and excel at finding that winning partnership you are looking for. A publisher or agency entrusting their catalogue to AC²  can rest assured that we will select the most suitable outlet for their books, based on our vast knowledge of Italian publishing houses and catalogues, not to mention our continuous working relationship with their staff.

AC²  is in no way contrary to e-books and online self-publishing. We wish to help our clients achieve maximum results in those areas as well, always maintaining a quality on par with printed books.
We are also able to help foreign publishers and agents to locate translators (from English to multiple languages) for clients who have chosen to go the way of self-publishing.

We offer a host of other services targeted specifically at Italian customers.

Anna Mioni learned to read at an early age and has not stopped since; she maintains that while everyone wants to write books, her mission in life is to read them all. Her relentless curiosity drove her early on to develop further in an international context at the United World College of the Adriatic where an academic grant allowed her to pursue the International Baccalaureate. She continues to maintain her zest for overseas experience with frequent participations in residencies for writers and translators abroad. After graduating in Italian Literature from the University of Padua, she received her MA in 1997 in Literary Translation (from English to Italian) from the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice. Since then she has translated almost seventy English and Spanish books (including ones by authors such as Nell Zink, Lester Bangs, Douglas Coupland, Tom McCarthy, Sam Lipsyte) for important Italian publishers. She was shortlisted for the Monselice Prize for translation in 2008 and 2009. She has worked with the Italian publishers Aries (Franco Muzzio Editore, Arcana) and Alet Edizioni as editor, scout, in-house translator and foreign rights consultant. She holds classroom (at the FUSP Master Course and at SSML Vicenza Master Course and at the University of Padova) and online translation seminars. Music is one of the things she professes not to be able to live without and she always keeps an eye out for it, even in the world of books.

Picture of Anna  © Ole Steen Hansen

“There’s more to life than books, you know, but not much more”.

(Morrissey/The Smiths)