Greystone Books (Canada)

Greystone Books (Canada)

Greystone Books

Greystone Books is a trade book publisher that focuses on high-quality non-fiction books that appeal to regional, national, and international readers.

The company is a leading publisher of books about nature and the environment, travel and adventure, sports, social issues, science, and health, as well as books that are exceptional literary expressions of personal passions. Almost half of the books originated by Greystone sell overseas, and licensed editions are sold in more than fifteen countries. Digital editions of Greystone books are also available from all major e-book retailers.

Greystone publishes a wide range of thought-provoking and gifted Canadian and international authors, including David Suzuki, Candace Savage, Charlotte Gill, Andrew Nikiforuk, Mike Berners-Lee, Julie Angus, Brian Brett, Wayne Grady, Merilyn Simonds, Allan Casey, Wade Davis, Anita Albus, Giulia Enders, Harry Thurston, Lorna Crozier, and Peter Wohlleben, among many others.


Greystone Kids

Greystone Kids publishes high-quality, visually compelling, beautifully written, and sustainably produced picture books for young readers and non-fiction books for middle-grade readers, centering on science, nature, the environment, sports, and social justice. Our books inspire, engage, and connect with readers of all backgrounds around the world.