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Pietro Albì

Pietro Albì

Pietro Albì, pen-name for Pietro Albino Di Pasquale, is a screenwriter and writer born in Canzano, in the province of Teramo, Abruzzo, in 1979. After his studies at the free school of Cinema Azzurro Scipioni by Silvano Agosti in Rome, he writes texts for theatre, film and television and works on the scripts of short films, documentaries and feature films, such as: L’Uomo Fiammifero (2009), Into Paradiso, Mozzarella Stories, Limen, Buoni a Nulla, San Valentino Stories.
He has been teaching audiovisual language and writing education courses in schools of all levels for about 20 years.

Farfariel. The book of Micù is his first novel. Presented in December 2018 at the Fair of Small and Medium Publishing Più Libri Più Liberi in Rome, it was adopted as a reading book in several schools in Italy. It has been the subject of two video review competitions for children in secondary schools in Italy, supported by uovonero and by the Itaca Association.
In 2019 Farfariel won the Lago Gerundo Prize, was shortlisted at the Holden Prize and the Lussu Prize, and had the special mention at the Quality Micro-publishing Prize.

In September 2022 it will be released in the United States by Restless Books. Meanwhile, you can read an excerpt published on World Without Borders.

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FARFARIEL, The Book of Micù

Original title “Farfariel – Il Libro di Micù”
180 pages hard cover
14 x 20,5 cm – 2 colour Pantone

Farfariel is a weird bildungsroman for young adults.

Micù is a pre-teen with a physical disability born before World War II in the poor but magical atmosphere of rural southern Italy. He is trying to grow up despite his own difficulties, the prejudices of the villagers and a spiteful demon who has the power to interfere with the story and its writer… In fact Farfariel, unhappy about the way the writer is telling the story, edits and corrects the book with his red pen!