TerraRossa Edizioni

TerraRossa Edizioni

TerraRossa Edizioni is a boutique publishing house and its head office is in Alberobello (Bari), Italy.

Trying to propose books that differ from those the public expects, and striving to make readers think and considering literature as means to explore the possibilities of both language and invention, used to be the reasons that behind the very idea of publishing; yet, nowadays they seem to be considered utter madness. However, we are all in desperate need of this kind of madness and TerraRossa was born with the purpose of leading words outside beaten paths. As to what concerns the choice of materials and the design, each and every one of our books bears witness to how important they are for us.

We only publish meaningful books, and we have two fiction series: Fondanti (Milestones) which reprints – in a new, revised edition – recent but rare books by those authors who had an impact on the Italian literature; Sperimentali (Experimental) which prints new, unpublished works using their original style to deal with the most current themes of the day.


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