Carlo Callegari

Carlo Callegari

Carlo Callegari, born in Padua in 1972, has always been fond of writing and music. From 2007 to 2009 he worked with the “intrecci d’arte” project, presenting some of his short stories during theme performances in the Milan area. Dazzled by the writings of Lansdale, Carlotto, Ammaniti and Gischler, he began to vary his writing style,  approaching the noir and pulp genres. Since 2009, he wrote short stories for the literary movement Sugarpulp. In 2009 he published his first short story in audiobook for GoodMood. In 2011 he published his first novel in e-book version, Che Dio ti aiuti, Bambola! with LaCase Books. Within a few months, his novel has sold 600 copies in e-book version and has ranked first in the iTunes mystery chart. The novel will be published in early 2013 by TimeCRIME Fanucci with the title La banda dei tre (the gang of three).
In 2012 a short story is included in the collection of Sugarpulp short stories  A manetta in contromano, also for LaCase Books. For the same publisher, he published Sant’Antonio Pulp, a collection of ten short stories in e-book, and in 2014 a novella,  #porvenir #selfie #cuoremio, with Francesco Dominedò.
On 24th July 2014 TimeCRIME released Il ritorno dei tre, the second instalment of the Claudio Bambola trilogy.
In his spare time he loves playing the piano while smoking a good cigar.

The first chapter of Che dio ti aiuti, Bambola! in Italian



IL RITORNO DEI TRE (The Return of the Gang of Three), Fanucci, 2014

It’s been two years since the daring escape from Padua and the gang of three seems to have finally found some peace of mind. Silvano is a cook in a monastery, Claudio and Tony are running a newspaper kiosk in Tuscany. But their peace is only apparent. After receiving an unexpected visit in the farm where they live , the two will be forced to go back to Padua and square the accounts once and for all with a disruptive past that has suddenly resurfaced. This time the life of a young girl used as a bargaining chip will be at stake.

As usual, with grotesque moments, violent scenes worth of a thriller movie and flashes of humanity, the gang of three will get to know a host of new odd characters. A nymphomaniac hairdresser who is a loanshark, a lap dance bar manager nicknamed the Moth Man and a bunch of circus clowns are side by side with our heroes in a black comedy where gunshots are combined with surreal gags and dialogues. The most bizarre trio in thriller books is back.

PRESS REVIEW (in Italian)

unknown #porvenir #selfie #cuoremio (#porvenir #selfie #lovey), LaCase Books, 2014

An Italian on the road comedy set in the July sun, a voice coming out of a car, the same stretch of highway for many people who, unknowingly, share emotions and moments of their lives. #porvenir, the future is happening when you drive miles of road. The Lives of Others are seen between the highway and traffic jams: brief accidental contacts with other lives. Nodes intersecting at the speed of snapshots scattered in a forgotten social network. Ephemeral #selfies, polaroids tracing people and characters.
The kid Niccolò is traveling with his father and grandmother, they’re going to a First Communion ceremony. They meet a whole bunch of hilarious characters engaged in all sorts of semi-legal deeds. They all share a stop at a motorway cafè, a few miles of highway, a slice of life, dreams, emotions, fears and laughter. #porvenir is the unfocused gaze of a child on a series of lives that shoot past him, on stories somehow crossing his path. It is an unusual point of view to tell a modern tale that reinterprets and updates many ideas of the great classic Italian comedy, revealing a society of monsters, vices, virtues and feelings.

LA BANDA DEI TRE (The Gang of Three), Fanucci, 2013

Claudio Bambola is an undercover narcotics agent in Padua. After two years of hard work he is about to complete a historical drug bust that could finally allow him to change his life: the abduction of a consignment of twenty kilos of pure cocaine. But in the exchange of the lot a gang of Russian mobsters intrudes, and in order to survive he will be forced to seek help from Tony Piccolo, a dwarf drug dealer and gunslinger, and Silvano aka “Boa”, a former drug addict now burglar and reborn Catholic. In a swirling series of events and twists, the gang of three will be involved in grotesque car chases and shootouts, with the background of an underground Padua by night. A fast and dynamic story twisting the classic thriller plot, and always playing on the edge of grotesque and irony, overwhelming the reader with its freshness and its gags. For lovers of Joe Lansdale and the like.

PRESS REVIEW (in Italian)