Davide Golin

Davide Golin

Davide Golin writes for the Venetian newspaper Il Gazzettino, is a freelance translator, writes songs and sings with the rock band Diva. His first novel, Pablito mon amour, a coming of age novel, was published in April 2011 by No Reply and it has now reach its third edition. It has also been included in the top four titles of the year by the Sport Week  magazine of Gazzetta dello  Sport.
About his book:

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In describing this novel, names such as Nicolò Ammaniti, Nick Hornby, Irvine Welsh have been mentioned. “Pablito mon amour” (Noreply, 2011; 12 euro) is the brilliant debut of Davide Golin in which Italy in the transition period between the 70s and 80s is described with an effervescent pop aesthetic against the backdrop of a vital pastime : the national passion for football and in particular, the amazing and controversial career of Paolo Rossi “Pablito”, the man “who made Brazil cry” with a hat-trick, bringing victory to Italy in 1982 World Cup.

The novel is a heady mix of sport, music, suburbia, sex, politics and television imagery that hooks the reader from the start and leaves one breathless with anticipation. The writer manages to pull off an expert balancing act between sharp irony and nostalgia, never veering towards sappy sentimentality. He masterfully mixes peaks and troughs, comedy and tragedy, all delightfully flavored with sociological snippets, ultimately creating what is a fascinating generational novel. A compelling work which has been talked about as last year’s literary revelation in the world of sports literature. Sport Week, the weekly supplement of the most popular Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, listed the book among the four best novels of 2011 in its year-end poll, next to works by blockbuster names of current literature such as Giorgio Faletti and Stefano Benni.

“A wonderful journey through the unique life of a football star and a boy who one day asked him for an autograph.” Maurizio Crosetti, La Repubblica

“A brilliant novel about football. But a brilliant novel about Italy actually.” Giancarlo Padovan, Il Fatto

“A beautiful novel, worthy of an Ammaniti”. Matteo Marani, Guerin Sportivo

“Dazzling debut of a true novelist”. Renzo Stefanel, Bookit

“One of the most entertaining stories of the year”. Claudio Lenzi, Sport Week