Valentina Nieli

Valentina Nieli

Valentina Nieli was born in Padua the year that The Rocky Horror Picture Show was released. Being a lazy person who hates low temperatures, she decided to move to Norway “because what hurts you attracts you, or at least that’s how it seems”.

Her artistic production is mostly linked to photography. She won a photographic competition in Padua with her photo “Il marchettaro”. With the pseudonym of Malta Bastarda she loves to provoke and trigger strong emotions and she mostly uses abstract sets. Among her works, the most notable are “Unfair ladies”, “Perché le vacche hanno il cuore grande”, “Frantumi”, “Esopo metropolitano”, “Doll Parts”, “In-humanity mechanical skin stories”, “Queer is not weird”. She exhibits her works in Italy, London and Norway. Her last one is “Canzoni per Drella”, a film in black and white that combines music and visual art.
She translates short films and documentaries from English into Italian.
She often works with theatrical companies and bands. She organised workshops at Tito Livio high school in Padua and has been the artistic director at the Kiss off night by Arci Pixelle.
She always takes part in “Poco delicate” for the LGBT film and culture festival in Padua.
In Norway, where she lives, she is part of a club of writers and, together with them, she is producing new material in Norwegian.
Far away from anything else, she likes to think that she is living in a film directed by David Lynch. She writes stories for little readers in more than one language.
Rime macabre feline (Macabre Nursery Rhymes) is a collection of rhymes she wrote both in Italian and English. She also made the illustrations using only black ink.

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