Darien Levani won the Glauco Felici Award 2017 with his thriller Toringrad, ed. Spartaco

At the end of the Festival Tolfa Gialli & Noir, Darien Levani was declared the winner of the prestigious Glauco Felici Award 2017 thanks to his thriller Toringrad, published in 2016 by Edizioni Spartaco, a client of our agency. Congratulations, Darien!

Drini, an Albanian former student of History, after having accumulated a fair amount in the world of cocaine distribution, at 29 he settles in Turin where he runs a very swish bar. He chooses to call it Toringrad. But when his brother-in-law, Petrit, is arrested shortly before Christmas, family affairs require his presence to complete the delivery of a white lady‘s cargo. It will be a difficult and risky journey, with raids in the world of Italian subproletariat made up of prostitution, slot machines, drug addiction. The journey will lead him to Milan. But he has also to find the traitor. Suspects fall on the buyer, Envèr. If he was, he will have to pay with his life. But the truth has never been given, as Drini will have to find out at his own expense. Toringradis a rough and direct novel as its protagonist, shiny and cool drug dealer but with an ethics. He will remain loyal to himself and his destiny.