Marilena Renda's new book came out today

One of our Italian authors, Marilena Renda, has just published a book with the Italian publishing house Mesogea.

REGALI AI FANTASMI (Presents to ghosts)

An intriguing story, told in a very poetic and resonant prose, about two orphaned sisters from Sicily. They lost their parents in a plane accident and Lena, who moved to Northern Italy as a teacher, goes back to Palermo in order to take care of her younger sister Vittoria who is deaf and lives with their aunt. Lena goes to a school to learn sign language, and Vittoria is the main character of their little world, with her antics and her unconscious grace. Palermo is an eerie city teeming with strange characters, where the two sisters used to live in an enchanted atmosphere when they were children, but now it looks more like something unreal.
In school Lena makes some friends, young unemployed people like her. When Giacomo, the teacher, decides to stage a play, he choses Vittoria as the leading actress. And it is with Vittoria that Dario, Lena’s friend and leading actor, falls in love. Again, Lena is in the backdrop.