Sex, drugs and kicks in the teeth - Rock'n'roll scandal stories by Renzo Stefanel out now for Giunti editore

SEX & DRUGS & KICKS IN THE TEETH (Giunti editore, 2015) by Renzo Stefanel, rock critic and author. In the sixty-plus years of its history, rock music stole to blues the reputation of “devil’s music”, with an endless series of murky stories, and lives devoted to recklessness, excess and madness. This book is a selection of 40 terrifying and disturbing stories, brilliantly told by the author: Keith Moon and Iggy Pop’s crazy deeds; Hank Williams’ and Sid Vicious’ desperate death; Syd Barrett, Peter Green and Brian Wilson losing their mind; the sagas of depravation by the Led Zeppelin; AJ Weberman, the man who wanted to free Dylan from himself; and Charles Manson, who was an ambitious singer before becoming a ruthless murderer.


Sesso, droga, calci in bocca. Storie del rock maledetto
(Sex, drugs and kicks in the teeth – Rock’n’roll scandal stories) by Renzo Stefanel is out now on paper and e-book for Giunti editore.