The Beatles' Christmas by our author Renzo Stefanel out for Giunti - foreign rights available

THE BEATLES’ CHRISTMAS (Giunti editore, 2017, by Renzo Stefanel co-author: Franco Zanetti)


offers a strange and curious glance at the history of the Fab Four, picking a dozen joyful, dramatic or funny true stories, set in the heart of winter, Christmas, New Year and surroundings, from the Fifties to the end of the Sixties.

The Beatles who work like slaves at the Cavern and are expelled from Germany because they do not comply with work permits; their audition with Decca on 1st January 1962 (they are rejected!); they become famous and for two Christmases in a row they organize a “Beatles Christmas Show” in which they sing, play and act; in Christmas 1967 are filming a TV movie that will be a major failure, “Magical Mystery Tour”. The book is complete with a rich appendix with lists of Christmas songs performed by the Fab Four or dedicated to them, the Beatles records in the Christmas charts from 1963 to 1969 and the description of the “Christmas Records “that the Beatles prepared every year for their fan club, with the translation of the original cover letters.