Providing translations for e-books and self-published texts in most languages

The increase in self-publishing and in the number of books which are going online without intervention by a publisher, implies that authors or agents are not necessarily knowledgeable about the process of finding a translator for their books.

We can help you find the best translators for your e-books, offering qualified translation from most European languages. Contact us with your needs (languages you are interested in, number of pages and word count) and we will send you a quote.

In case you are not familiar with the process of buying a translation, you can download ATA’s Translation: Getting It Right

Click to download your copy of Translation: Getting It Right in the language you need.

English U.S.:  Translation: Getting It Right
English U.K.:   Translation – getting it right

Brazilian Portuguese:   Tradução: Faça a escolha certa
Catalan:   Traduccions Fem-les bé
Dutch:  Vertalen – een kwestie van kwaliteit!
French:  Traduction – faire les bons choix
German:   Übersetzung – keine Glückssache
Greek:   Μετάφραση – Κάντε το σωστά
Icelandic:   Þýðingar – góðar og gildar
Italian:   Traduzione – Come ottenere il prodotto giusto!
Japanese:   翻訳で失敗しないために ~ 翻訳発注の手引き
Russian:   Что нужно знать о письменном переводе Памятка заказчику
Spanish:  Todo lo que siempre quiso saber sobre la traducción