Nasza Księgarnia, Polonia

Nasza Księgarnia, Polonia


Rappresentiamo Nasza Księgarnia, casa editrice polacca di libri per bambini e ragazzi.

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“Founded in 1921, are the oldest publishing house of children’s literature in Poland. We have in our offer traditional classic as well as modern works for younger children, teenagers and young adults and they come in different genre and format, such as poetry, fairy tales, short stories, picture books and full-length novels.
A number of our books have received various prestigious Polish and foreign awards, granted by children-jurors as well as generally recognised literary organisations and committees. We always do our best to meet the various needs of our readers and try to live up to their expectations.
All our books are published according to the highest editorial standards. Nasza Księgarnia still keeps abreast of the times, skilfully uniting tradition with modernity.”