First presentation of Casiraghi's Estate indiana, Rome

Saturday 4th November, at 18 pm, our Mauro Casiraghi is presenting his new novel, Estate indiana (ed. Alberto Gaffi), for the very first time. The presentation is taking place in Monterotondo (Rome), at the Ubik bookshop and Dario De Cristofaro, an editor, and Anna Mittone, an Italian writer, are going to discuss with the author.




When he was a boy, Peter felt for his sister Celeste something that brothers are not supposed to feel. It was to escape these feelings that he moved to the solitary banks of Dawn Lake, Canada. Everything changed when his father was involved in an accident and Peter was forced to cross those boundaries that had kept him away for so long. Estate indiana is an ‘on the road’ novel set in the one place known for his still, almost unreal time: the Indian summer.