Franca Di Muzio in a collection published by Il Saggiatore

A story by our Franca Di Muzio has been selected for the anthology I giorni alla finestra from Il Saggiatore, over more than 1000 submissions

In March 2020, the mobility of Italian citizens was limited to cope with an unprecedented and very serious health emergency caused by the spread of a virus hitherto almost completely unknown. From that moment our lives became limited to the spaces of our houses and to the few hundred meters that surround them.

On April 10, we invited our readers to share very short stories of the days spent observing the world through the windows that we imagine have suddenly become a lens, mirror, threshold, glimmer, frame or transparent barrier to defend ourselves from an increasingly distant exterior. What you will read is the result of the editorial selection made on the approximately thousand texts received by our publishing house in the following days. The stories were chosen for their documentary or narrative interest, because we believe that each testimony has an invaluable value in itself. We therefore thank all those who have allowed us to be able to observe our time suspended through an unexpected amount – for us, in the beginning – of windows.

From 30 April 2020 and this eBook is published in free distribution. The measures introduced in early March were lifted only in early May.

You can download for free clicking here (Italian)