"The Scamp" by Jennifer Pashley out today with Carbonio Editore

Il Caravan (The Scamp: A Novel), by Jennifer Pashley, out now with Carbonio Editore

Rayelle Reed, 23, meets a detective on the trail of a series of missing girls. Meanwhile, another young woman, a lesbian serial killer, is walking down those same paths… Set in the desolate rural areas of the southern United States, including caravan parks, cemeteries, motels, gas stations, The caravan is the story of a girl looking for herself. A gloomy and disturbing thriller, crossed by a luminous poetic vein, in which Jennifer Pashley tells us about mothers and daughters, domestic violence, incest, social discomfort, letting out poverty and despair, but also the bare and tenacious beauty of places and people. Pashley sinks into the psyche of the protagonists and explores the subtle tangles of human relations, rereading with a bold look the relationship between the executioner and his victim.