Il sogno di Keribe, fantasy novel by Ilaria de Togni, is out today

Il sogno di Keribe, fantasy novel by Ilaria de Togni, is out today for Gargoyle



THE DREAM OF KERIBE (fantasy, new adult, paranormal romance – Gargoyle Books, autumn 2016)

Erinke awakens inside the Orlog, at the same time a sea that no one can cross, and a powerful and obscure deity. Erinke is considered a mistake of Nature that can unleash the wrath of the gods and is destined to a future of prosecution and escape, like her peers; she is forced to quickly learn how to survive in a world oppressed by fear and devoured by injustice. The result is an extraordinary heroine, whose inner strength and proactivity, along with lucky encounters and unexpected alliances, keeo her alive until her ability to cope with hardships exceeds expectations, to the extent that she understand she is able not only to change her fate, but that of her people as well. Meanwhile, in the West, the awakened Selah is enlisting followers to declare war on humans and bring back his race to the glory it once had. As soon as he hears of the recent reawakening of four new souls, after 500 years in which the breeding ability of the Borders had been declared inactive, he instructs many hunters to find them for him. Among them is Brant, that will convince Erinke to follow him, out of loyalty to an ideal of reunification that, unbeknownst to her, will send Keribe on the brink of a disastrous war between worlds. In the difficult path they will have to face together, the love soon to be born will change everything, even the harsh laws of a world that is, beautiful and scary at the same time, and will hinder their union until the end. A great love story, the depiction of a world and an adventure novel.


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