New books published by our authors Elena Girardin and Carlo Vanin

Le Petit Omar, Panda edizioni 2014

Pagg. 150
ISBN 9788896753972

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Omar is fourteen. He arrives in Italy from Senegal with his mother to join his father, who has been working for a long while in the Northeast and works in a Lanerossi yarn factory in  a smalltown near Vicenza. Omar is happy because he sees a new world in front of him. But the land that welcomed him also shows her tough side.
The boy will have to make difficult choices in order to assimilate and gain the respect of his peers. He will get into graffiti art, the only form of escape that can make him feel happy and free. His family will be overwhelmed by personal and work problems, and not even his puppy love for a girl who is also an immigrant, like him, will save him from the tragedy ahead.
A story that embodies several true stories, condensed into a single one, to enable the reader to get in the shoes of those who, like Omar, are displaced in a world that does not understand where the only way of salvation can sometimes only be escape.

La Notte della Mediarchia – Il Commissario Elio Gamba (Panda edizioni, 2014 ISBN 9788896753941)

pdf download an excerpt in  Italian

In an alternate present ruled by the regime of Mass-Mediarchy, the industrial area of Marghera (Venice) has exploded  exhaling in the air a putrid fog that has condemned the Italian north-east to an eternal night.
Elio Gamba is a superintendent of the New Company of Police. He is violent and incomprehensible, and  addicted, as most of the population, to the state drug: AEIOU tablets.
Carla Chinellato is a detective inspector who has just been transferred to Gamba’s police station. She does her all not to lose her sanity in a world that has lost every sense of logic. Marzia Gamba is the deceased wife of the Commissioner, but in this story not even death serves to soothe the pain.
Cristiano Gamba, aka Musashi, is Elio’son, born on the same day of the explosion of Marghera. His body has been black ever since.
Sun-Eye is blind and wants to see again.
There are things that bite in here.